Eastbourne Local Plan - Growth Strategy


Eastbourne Borough Council is preparing a new Local Plan which will guide the type, amount and location of development in the borough up to 2039.

Following a previous consultation in 2019, the Council are now undertaking a public consultation on the level of housing and employment growth that could be accommodated in Eastbourne and where it might be located, in order to inform the next stage in the preparation of the Local Plan.

The Local Plan will seek to accommodate both housing and employment growth, and the purpose of this document is to seek your views on the way in which those growth needs should be met within the borough over the period to 2039.

This consultation focuses specifically on housing and employment growth, including key development sites, and as such is not a draft Local Plan. Other issues, such as addressing climate change, encouraging regeneration, and protecting the natural, built and historic environments, will be included in the Local Plan once prepared, and this will be subject to a future public consultation.

Further detail on the issues discussed in this consultation document is provided within a series of Background Papers and supporting documents available from the Council's website. Responses to 'Frequently Asked Questions' is also available.

We are asking for your views on the 'Growth Strategy' identified in this consultation document so that these can be considered before we determine how and where growth will be proposed in the Local Plan.

The consultation is being undertaken between Friday 11th November 2022 and Friday 20th January 2023.

Councillor Message

As the Cabinet Member with responsibilities for planning for Eastbourne Borough Council, I am pleased to introduce the Local Plan Growth Strategy for public consultation.

The Local Plan is an important document as it will set out a vision and a strategy for the borough to help shape growth to 2039, and this consultation is an important stage in identifying how much growth Eastbourne will be able to accommodate over the next 20 years.

Whilst this consultation paper focuses growth, the final Local Plan aims to achieve a balance between new homes and jobs, in an environment where people wish to live and work and have a quality of life, for both current and future generations.

This is your opportunity, as residents and stakeholders, to help guide the future development of the borough. I believe that it is vital for as many of you to provide your views, comments and feedback on the proposals as possible, and I would urge you all to get involved in this consultation.

Cllr Colin Swansborough
Portfolio Holder for Climate Change, Place Services & Special Projects