Eastbourne's Direction of Travel: Issues and Options for the Eastbourne Local Plan

Eastbourne's Direction of Travel: Issues and Options for the Eastbourne Local Plan


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Eastbourne's Direction of Travel: Issues & Options for the Eastbourne Local Plan seeks views on how the Local Plan should be developed by asking for comments on:

  • Direction of Travel – strategies/policies that we think should be taken forward in the Local Plan
  • Options – alternative strategies for addressing an issue
  • Issues – the matters that the Local Plan needs to address
  • Questions – requesting views from stakeholders on particular issues
  • Further work – additional work that is being undertaken or where further investigation is required

We are keen to receive views on any aspect of the Local Plan and you are welcome to respond to any or all of the questions we have set out.  Even if there is only one question that you wish to answer, please feel free to do so.  We are happy to receive general comments on the planning issues facing the town, or ideas and suggestions about any matters that you feel have not been fully addressed in this document.

You can provide your comments using this questionnaire by choosing which part of the document that you want to comment on, or which question you would like to answer. You will first need to choose which section you wish to comment on, and then which specific part of that section. You are able to comment on more than one section and/or more than one question. 

Alternatively, you can also respond to the consultation by downloading a response form  - either to answer multiple questions or a single question - and return this by email, post, or by uploading it to this website. 

If you have any difficulties submitting your comments, please contact the Planning Policy team via planning.policy@lewes-eastbourne.gov.uk or 01323 415253.

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